El Paisatge dels Genis [The Landscape of the Geniuses]

El Paisatge del Genis is a new tourist attraction sponsored by the municipalities of Reus, Mont-Roig del Camp, El Vendrell and Horta de Sant Joan, working in conjunction with the Tarragona Tourism Board of the Tarragona Provincial Council and Rovira i Virgili University.

The initiative is based on the connection that four universally renowned artists had with the landscapes and countryside of four municipalities in the counties of Tarragona, where each of them spent considerable time. The artists and their landscapes are: Antoni Gaudí and Reus, Joan Miró and Mont-Roig, Pau Casals and El Vendrell and Pablo Picasso and Horta de Sant Joan. El Paisatge del Genis is a project that unites the aspects of the region that together make up the tourist experience – our produce, nature, the sea, cuisine, traditions, the character of our people, our heritage, etc. – under a single umbrella concept.

The project features the involvement, besides the four promoting municipalities, of the Tourist Board of the County Council of Tarragona and the Rovira i Virgili University.

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