Research Forum Tourism and Leisure URV on collaborative tourism will take place next 11 of January

02 01 2019

For the last 4 years, the PhD program in Tourism and Leisure of URV has organised a calendar of 3 ‘PhD Research Forums’ during the second semester – one-day events with international scholars offering a keynote lecture of their ultimate research outputs (covering the broad fields of interest of our program) and an interactive ‘methods’ session providing insights to PhD candidates and researchers on how to best organise their research. Besides, these events offer and opportunity to meet the invited lecturers face to face in individual tutorials and ask them specific questions and advice on their own topic.

This year the PhD Research Forums program start early – the first appointment is scheduled for the 11 of January (10:00 to 14:00), at the Faculty of Tourism and Geography of University Rovira i Virgili (Aula Magna). The guests are Claudio Minca, head of Department of Geography and Planning at Macquaire University, Australia, and Maartje Roelofsen, also at Macquaire. Both are cultural geographers and recently took an interest in the cultural and sociological facets of collaborative tourism.

After Claudio’s and Maartje's keynote, the event will feature a round table discussion that will include him and Maartje as well as other two Catalan experts on the topic of networked hospitality: Sergio Nasarre Aznar, Director of the URV’s Chair of Housing and professor of Civil Law at URV, and Albert Arias, PhD candidate at this program, who has been in the last years the Coordinator of the Strategic Plan for Tourism of Barcelona 2020, and is currently working at the Department of Urban Planning of the City of Barcelona. All these people, from different disciplinary perspectives, have studied the ‘Airbnb phenomenon’ and its landing on cities, but they can also extend on the tourist transformation of the urban areas around the world and the role of policy in this. This, as usual, will be followed by a methodological session.

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The event is open to the wider researcher's community however we kindly ask to confirm your participation to

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